Slab Foundation Repair

First of all, repairing your slab foundation is not as simple as constructing a Prefabricated Garage Kit, so you’ll definitely need to erase the idea of fixing this problem yourself. Since you’re here because you’re suspect you’re in need of foundation repair, you’re probably asking yourself the biggest question of all- “Why?!”.

The reason so many slab foundations end up failing is nine times out of ten, related to water issues. When concrete is mixed, the water to

Slab Foundation Repair

dry mix has to be very precise in order to cure properly with no cracks or damage, unfortunately these ratios are very difficult to predict as the ground on which each person’s foundation rests on, consists of different characteristics. For example, if your foundation is poured in the desert, the dry ground is going to pull the water out of your foundation quicker than a foundation poured in Upstate New York, which means there needs to be extra water added to the mixture in order to compensate for the faster curing process.

The aforementioned water issues can also apply to foundations that are built around piers & beams except the foundation repair costs for these types are usually much less expensive compared to slab foundation repairs due to the extensive work required for the slabs.

Slab Foundation Repair Signs

Like so many other things, the quicker you respond to the signs of slab foundation damage, the better off you will be and the less your repairs will cost. Some of the classic signs of slab foundation damage are cracks in your home’s drywall, doors not closing smoothly (because the door frame is no longer square), cabinets in your kitchen closing smoothly, windows not opening and/or closing.

If your home has a brick exterior, you may notice cracks in the mortar which is also a pretty good indicator of some kind of slab foundation problems. One final way of recognizing foundation problems, is to do a walk around of your home, and look at the ridge line where your gutters are attached; if you identify substantial drooping along this line, you might have a foundation problem.

If you think you’ve recognized a problem in your foundation, it’s best to contact someone reputable and have them take a look. I cannot stress how important it is to find a contractor who you can trust and has a tangible history of quality, fairly priced work, this will ensure you don’t get ripped off simply because you’re not familiar with the work that needs to be performed. Do not attempt to conduct any sort of slab foundation repairs on your own, as this is not a weekend task for the average ‘do it yourselfer’.

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Slab Foundation Repair Methods

Slabjacking and mudjacking are the most common ways to repair slab foundations on a smaller scale such as your outdoor patio, walkways, or even a small storage shed. This is a procedure that basically pumps up your foundation from beneath using a concrete mixture.

Pile & piers is another way of jacking up your foundation. This method is usually used for larger projects and requires much more work and money.

If you suspect you’re in need of a Slab Foundation Repair, then you need to contact a skilled professional as soon as possible before the problem escalates to a more severe, costly one.

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