Dallas Foundation Repair

The primary composition of soil in the Dallas, Texas area is comprised of expansive soils. This means that the soils surrounding the Dallas areas are notorious for their ability to shrink and swell with the addition or retraction of water.

This shrinking and swelling motion can cause havoc for the foundations of the homes owned by the local residents. Likewise there are several characteristics one should look for when purchasing a new home in or near Dallas in order to avoid future foundation repair, as well as several precautions existing home owners may heed.

Clay soils surrounding the Dallas area are notorious for their ability to shrink and swell, eventually resulting in damage to the foundation and in some cases the overall house itself. During this shrinking or swelling, pressure is exerted upon the foundations and walls resulting in cracking; this cracking and foundation damage can be avoided by using some basic reinforcement measures, additions or repairs to a home.

Prior to the 1960’s, homes in the Dallas area were constructed utilizing pier and beam construction. This allows for easier access to any damaged areas and also has the added advantage of being easier, and often cheaper, to repair. Following the 1960’s, it became increasingly more and more common to find homes being constructed using concrete slab techniques to define foundations. While these methods proved to be far cheaper initially while constructing the home, they also proved to be far more expensive on average to repair due to limited access to damaged areas.

The difference in prices to repair these two types of foundations in Dallas can range roughly from about a $3,000 bill to a $13,000, also depending of course on the amount of damage to the home. When purchasing or building a home in the Dallas area, the advantage of constructing a foundation via pier and beam methods may far outweigh the added expense in the long run and is far worth the consideration. It is also possible to use piers to reinforce a concrete slab foundation as well.

In addition to the types of foundation utilized to construct a Dallas home, personal management of some of the external factors surrounding the foundation can also help to reduce or prevent foundation damage. Foundation repair in the city of Dallas itself tends to be a much higher expense, roughly $5,000-$7,000, depending based on the severity of the damage, than the cost of repairs in the outer lying areas and surrounding communities. Expenses also drop steadily reaching further into Austin-San Antonio, which is roughly estimated around the $5646 dollar mark, and continuing on into Lousiana, where some companies claim to have done repairs for as little as $250 to upwards of $3,000.

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Precautions that can be exercised to avoid these high costs within the Dallas area include maintaining an even moisture level in the soil, reinforcing foundations prior to damage, and proper maintenance of lawn shrubbery and trees. Many foundation repair experts suggest maintaining consistent moisture levels around the foundation by either installing soaker hoses roughly 16”-18” from the foundation, or better yet, installing an entire sprinkler system with an specialty addition designed specifically for that purpose.

By maintaining the water levels, you reduce the risk of major soil swelling fluctuations that can result in foundation damage. Also, if you notice that the surrounding land, sidewalks, or streets are scarred due to soil upheavals, it is suggestable to look into reinforcement for your home’s foundation prior to experiencing any damage. And finally, to avoid foundation damage resulting in necessary repairs, reduce the size of any surrounding trees or shrubbery that may consume the local moisture existing in the soil and cause shrinkage and result in foundation distress.

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