Concrete Foundation Cost

The average cost of a foundation can run anywhere from $5000 and up. However, the range of cost depends highly on factors such as the size of the house, and likewise the size of the foundation, the complexity of the foundation, and most importantly, the type of material that will be used to construct the home.

Concrete foundations are far more common when basements are being constructed. Poured concrete walls and flooring offers builders (and owners), a stronger, drier, basement. The performance of poured concrete foundations simply cannot be matched by any other type of material, and it comes at a much more competitive cost. The cost of pouring a concrete foundation is directly related to the size of the dwelling. The greater the amount of square footage that is intended for pouring, the greater the cost will be.

An average cost per square foot, to pour concrete for a foundation, is approximately $5.85. However, this cost will vary from foundation company to foundation company, as well as the location of the house, and the labor involved. It is far wiser to consult a company and request a quote prior to hiring, based on their price per square footage to be poured.

Three quotes should always be obtained prior to hiring contractors to complete any work, including pouring and constructing a foundation for your home. By obtaining three quotes, you are hopefully gaining a relative range of pricing costs. The best cost to consider will be the one that falls closest to the middle range as this should, in theory, give you the most accurate representation of construction cost. If you have the extra time, it is always recommendable to obtain additional quotes, however, three is the minimum that should always be obtained.

Other factors that should be considered is the experience level of the workers. While a greater level of experience may come at a seemingly higher price, it often workers out to the benefit of the home owner, as with experience should come efficiency. A skilled worker will be far more efficient at completing a task, and should complete it in a shorter time period than a less experienced worker. This will save you money in the long run, and give you better overall craftsmanship when constructing your home.

In comparison to the cost of laying a brick foundation, at an estimated $3.33 per square foot, and constructing a treated wood foundation at approximately $45 per square foot [of wall], a poured concrete foundation at an average of $5.85, comes in relatively in the middle.

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However, when it come to bang for your dollar, a concrete foundation is definitely the method of choice, topping the other two methods with benefits such as increased strength, as poured concrete foundations are far more compressive and have a flexural strength several times that of block, wood, or brick. They also provide superior water resistance through increased density and joint-free construction, and are nearly entirely fire resistant as well, providing at least twice the amount of protection of any other material currently being used to construct housing foundations.

Concrete poured foundations offer far more benefits for their cost than any other type of foundation construction material available, and are definitely a well advised investment.

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